is a dance film conceived, produced and scored by F73, shot on location at Latraac, skate bowl Athens. The film had its World Premiere during the 8th AVDP festival in JAN 2018.  


A young woman in an old dress runs through the streets of the city’s underbelly. She discovers what looks like a secret garden to her, a small oasis in the middle of the sweltering urban landscape. At its center, a large wooden bowl invites her in and through the gradual familiarization with this odd space, she is set on a trajectory of self-discovery and transformation/


cast & crew/

F73 concept, production, music

Dafni Stathatou dance, choreography

Charalampos Krekoukiotis direction, cinematography, editing

Eirini Vouliouri co-production

Tina Tzoka costumes

Marios Lazarou vocals

Cynthia Rodopoulou assistant director

Watch the latest trailer & listen to the OST below/